Brand marketer with cross-channel experience

The proper digital and social extensions allow you to re-tell the brand message in many different, personalized ways to different segments. I grabbed an iPhone and got some behind-the-scene footage of our projection mapping TV spots to demonstrate our pillars of People and Technology while earning shared media.

Video - Behind the Scenes

Influencers and YouTube stars, Rhett and Link

To help our consumers understand the world of credit, to establish ourselves as leader in our space, and to optimize search, Credit 101 was built to answer the most common credit questions found in search, and to introduce our offerings when appropriate. Within a month of launch, Credit 101 had 100k organic listens and is now a major contributor to acquisition campaigns.

Broadening the conversion funnel and developing ROI by identifying ways to make product education fun and personal on social goes far beyond credit for me. In past lives, I've worked on social strategy in web and television entertainment, for agencies and agency clients, for the highly regulated medical and finance verticals, for startups, and for the e-commerce office supplies industry.

At LD Products, I was tasked with building a social presence and digital brand for an incredible company with no consumer social relationship. As part of the strategy, I made a bunch of videos like this:

Video - Credit 101

Guerilla Videos and low budget, Communiity Marketing

Make a Better Commercial Than We Did Contest

When I first started working at, I was tasked with building a digital and social, interactive brand. I wanted to demonstrate with a "splash" that we were listening, responding, and hitting social and digital full force. The Make a Better Commercial... Contest called out tweets where people hated on our new spot, and challenged them to  do better. The app we built for this allowed the user to choose from 5 different openings, 20 different endings, and for them to "green screen" themselves in with our actors.   We also gave them the chance to write their own, and we had web celebs Rhett and Link act out the winners. For fun, you could enter in every way thinkable, including fax. In fact, if you were the winning faxer, you won a Brett Michaels autographed fax as a tribute to our TV spots running at the time.