Social and digital Executive
Social and digital Executive

About William Chamberlain

I am Director of Paid Social, Paid Search, and SEO at Deutsch where I provide strategy and execution for paid social and search across all LA and NYC clients to support a holistic and efficient paid-owned-earned strategy.
I come from Experian, where I acted as a change agent to create a digital brand and build an integrated social consumer journey and paid-owned-earned strategy that turned social media into a cornerstone of Experian’s business and a key awareness and revenue stream.

I was also tasked with developing a content-driven organic search strategy, that played a key role in differentiating Experian when their portfolio of brands was challenged by an influx of startups and established companies that appeared to commoditize Experian’s commercial offering. 

Along with building an always on strategy, I also developed some fun and splashy paid-owned-earned initiatives like the broadcast/digital “Make a Better Commercial Than We Did Contest” that allowed folks at home to work with YouTube influencers, and to easily green screen themselves into commercials and choose different beginnings and endings, all of which provided search-optimized brand messaging that the user would then share for a bragging rights and a chance to win fun prizes.

While working with multi-million dollar budgets, I also developed some fun guerilla campaigns, like our SXSW band street takeover, where we hit the streets with the lead singer of our band, some concert t’s, and a guitar- and were named one of the most successful SXSW campaigns because of it.

I have years of experience advising and working with clients on search, social, and digital, consulting or acting as an agency for companies like Disney, FOX, Bausch and Lomb, to today working across all of Deutsch’s great media clients. I also produced the first SAG independent web sitcom a decade back.

 I was named one of Business Insider’s “Most Influential Ad Execs on Twitter.”


Social and digital Executive